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Roger V. Eaton

Attorney and Principal of Eaton Law

albuquerque personal injury attorney

Eaton Law,  Founded by Roger Eaton, has more than 35 years’ experience representing injured people who could not afford to get justice on their own. They have brought to trial over 130 cases with successful outcomes, hundreds more were settled with a favorable outcome to his clients. Tireless advocates, the firm has been involved in over 17 cases appealed to higher courts, some of which made significant changes in the law for people injured by others.

Eaton Law works primarily on cases that are on a contingency fee basis - where the fees and costs are recovered out of any recovery.   Eaton Law often advances costs for clients who have worthy cases who cannot pay the costs.  For those clients who have the ability and do pay the costs as the case progresses, Eaton Law will pay back the client the costs before the fee is calculated.

Eaton Law typically works on a graduated fee, meaning:  the fee increases at the date that the case is filed in court, increases if trial is started, and again if there is an appeal.  This fee system gives clients the benefit of a lower fee if the case can be resolved to their satisfaction at an early stage.

Why Eaton Law is a Good Choice for Representation

Eaton Law has the highest rating that can be obtained in both legal ability and ethical standards that a lawyer can get from other lawyers and from judges.  That is distinguishes Eaton Law with an “AV” (Pre-Eminent) rating that is earned by many years of practice with other lawyers and and before judges.

This distinction stands as objective proof that Eaton Law is a quality firm whose reputation for extremely hard work is well earned.

Fierce and Creative Advocacy

Eaton Law has a reputation for creative, outside of the box,  methods of hunting for and getting information that is helpful in resolving cases. This is especially true where the information is not forthcoming from the opposing side.

Eaton Law has a well earned reputation for working tirelessly for his clients in seeking evidence to use to support his client's case.  Eaton Law also has a well earned reputation in preparing his cases and the presentation of that case.   Examples of his dedication that has benefited clients are detailed in Blog entries as well as in the testimonials.

If there is an adverse ruling by the court that eliminates the claim of the client, Eaton Law has a well-documented willingness to pursue the client’s claim to a higher court.  There are examples which we have provided as part of the history of the firm.

Over the past twenty five years, Eaton Law has gained a reputation for pursuing credible and valid professional negligence cases against physicians, hospitals and even lawyers!   Those are the most difficult cases that a law firm can handle as there are always experts who will defend the professional; and it is often difficult to get a professional to criticize another professional.

When Eaton Law takes your case, and files it in court, they prepare and plan to take that case to trial. Period. And, while settlements can be reached to benefit the client and reduce the costs, settlement can only be achieved if the Defendant is make aware that the Plaintiff is prepared to try the case.    Good settlements make all of the parties unhappy since there is always a compromise from a potential recovery that is often unreachable;  it is impossible to make a Plaintiff whole unless there is also an element that will make a jury angry at the Defendant.

We answer our own cell phones, we respond promptly to questions from clients.  We make sure that the client gets copies in a timely manner any and all letters or pleadings that are filed in his or her case.

Your case is special. If and when we become your attorneys we are all in, 100%.  We want you to ask other lawyers or judges about our work and our dedication to our clients.  That is something that you should do for every lawyer that you consider retaining to represent your interests.

Kathryn Eaton

Attorney of Eaton Law

albuquerque workers compensation attorney

Kathryn L. Eaton, is a third generation native New Mexican, born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After attending Sandia Prep and Albuquerque Academy for middle school and high school, Ms. Eaton earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. Ms. Eaton also holds a Masters’ of Fine Arts in Fiction and Screenwriting at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Ms. Eaton graduated from The University of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after earning her Juris Doctor in 2010.

Growing up, Ms. Eaton always wanted to write short stories and novels. Ms. Eaton realized that, as an attorney, by telling stories of people’s ordinary lives she not only could give a voice to the people she represented, but she might also have a chance to change the outcome of her client’s stories, for the better.

Ms. Eaton practices primarily in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury. Ms. Eaton is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish as well as English, her native tongue.

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