An Injury Attorney in New Mexico Handles Cases In Which Insurers Deny Claims or Offer Low Settlements

Many people hire an Injury Attorney in New Mexico when they believe an insurance company settlement offer is too low, or even before they receive an offer. They want to make sure they receive all the compensation they deserve. In some instances, an insurer denies a claim altogether, which can be a scary moment for someone who was injured by someone else’s recklessness or negligence.

A driver who causes an accident may not be considered 100 percent at fault, for example, if the other driver was not being fully attentive or was engaging in potentially unsafe behavior. The driver whose vehicle was struck by another driver may have been traveling over the speed limit, for instance. An insurance company may deny the claim for that reason, stating that the injured person could have avoided the collision by driving at a more reasonable pace. If it does not outright deny the claim, it may offer an unreasonably low settlement amount.

In New Mexico, however, the law states that the court determines a monetary award in an injury case according to the level of percentage this person was responsible for the incident. If one individual runs a red light and hits a car legally passing through the intersection, the driver who ignored the traffic signal is most at fault. There would have been no collision were it not for this action, even if the other driver was traveling 35 miles per hour in a 25 miles-per-hour speed zone.

Denial of claims also occurs in the realm of workers compensation. A workers compensation attorney in New Mexico represents people who have been injured on the job and need payments for medical bills and lost wages.

Attorneys often handle cases in more than one area of the law. A personal injury lawyer in New Mexico, for example, may also be a family law attorney in New Mexico. This is important to know when someone is trying to decide which firm to hire and wonders if an organization only focusing on one legal area would be more effective. Someone who needs an injury attorney or a divorce lawyer in New Mexico may contact a firm such as Eaton & Eaton Law for assistance.